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Inspired by an interest in West African cultures, Phaedra’s Senufo series was born. The stainings, as she calls them, are crude with efficient black lines lending simple logic to expressionistic layers of acrylic washes. Moody and atmospheric, these works examine the strength of linear gesture as they explore the fragility of the human condition. Undefined by time or place, the figures depicted are intended to project unity and oneness of spirit.


Born in New York, Phaedra has been a visual artist since  childhood and an arts educator for over 20 years. She worked commercially as a graphic designer and has added residential interior design services to her professional offerings. 

Phaedra continues to test her limits as a visual artist and sculptor. Her current clay work is informed by her respect and appreciation for ancient hand-building and firing practices.

She Speaks in Riddles

SKU: 0000129
  • From the collection of Dara & Herman Stewart-Humphrey, She Speaks in Riddles tells the story of a young woman working to understand her choices; choices that seem just out of her control. It is a kernel of self-awareness only her future self will be able and willing to unravel.



    This original, one-of-a-kind painting is crafted in acrylic and oil stick on canvas, measures 40 x 60 inches, and is signed by the artist. Arrangements will be made for buyer to collect purchases from the artist in person.

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