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The work has appeared in front of me, without pre-planning, without intention; just the medium and me. It has come not from a disciplined practice, but in its own time. In fits and starts. In bold, short-lived utterances. 

Each series came to tell me something, to explain me to myself, even as I may not have been ready for the lessons. It is only now, after decades of this uneven making that I can see the body of it. Its patterns have become clear, the conversations between each series, evident.  


If art’s purpose is to catalyze self-expression, it has done its job well for me. It has been a voice when I had none. It has been a beacon, a tiny flame inside me casting a thin ray of light into the future. In the work, you will find themes of secrecy, grief, perseverance, and triumph; a delicate dance between strength and fragility.

Small Works Show, 440 Gallery, 2011


17th century medieval forge turned clay studio

Makers & Thinkers Residency


Last summer brought the incredible opportunity for me to begin a new body of work. For two weeks, I lived and worked in the 17th century village of Montmorillion, France in a studio that was once a medieval forge. This unique residency program had me digging up wild clay near the edge of a small lake, sifting and refining it by hand, and finally wood firing the pieces on a magical, blustery, Autumn-like day. The reduction firing infused the clay surface with carbon-staining and ashy goodness, creating a rich ancient texture. 

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